MRMPath - software for studying protein pathways

The quantitative study of proteins in biological pathways using mass spectrometry is rapidly replacing discovery proteomics. MRMPath is a web-based, platform-independent software that facilitates the identification of the peptides and their fragment ions for each protein in a metabolic or signaling pathway, or for the components of a protein complex that can be used for quantitative analysis using multiple reaction ion monitoring-mass spectrometry (MRM-MS).

MRMPath offers two ways to identify the peptides

  1. To extract ions from previously obtained MSMS spectra to generate instrument-specific ion pair combinations
  2. To predict the peptides from a protein sequence that would be most suitable for MRM-MS analysis

MRMPath takes into account peptide type, peptide size and peptide sequence, and the likelihood that the peptide(s) are unique and not found in other proteins.